In 1970 Borrelli Giuseppe was the commercial manager in Almar Sud company, which produced anchovies fillets in oil in Manfredonia. After two years, he opened LA. CE company in Cerignola in partnership with Palmera, Icat e De Langlade and Grancelli Spa and together they produced salted anchovies fillets. In 1976, following the success obtained, he decided to leave this society to implement his know-how, experienced in the last years, and he opened a company on his own in Manfredonia called IPAM Borrelli Giuseppe S.n.c & Sons Ltd. This was a winning idea and the company established itself as a leader in the production and selling of anchovies fillets in oil. For this reason, G.B. has been summoned several times by companies in Perù, Argentina and Greece to transfer its experience and skill on the process of salting. In the next years, until I989, because of the lacking of raw materials, from the common will of all the members of Borrelli family, in 1990 it was founded Borrelli Srl, still run today from the sons Rino, Massimo and Laura. During these years they specialized themselves in the process of canned fish on industrial scale. The company’s growth has been relevant both in the domestic and in foreign markets.