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The Borrelli Srl, thanks to its long experience in fish canning, shows the ability to act as interpreter and protagonist of national and international markets, in compliance with the food tradition. The Company has always been careful to the evolution and hence to the market demand. Our mission is offering high quality products, since the passion for healthy and tasty seafood appetizer is joined with the desire to translate this spirit into unique food products and always in touch with the needs of our customers, who are our strength, our inspiration, our support in every phase of the productive life. Together we have been always involved and proud of our mutual development. In recent years the company has concentrated its efforts on the product, on the technology and on the organization, in order to enrich and diversify the range of products. The Borrelli Srl specialized its production cycle, introducing two productive lines. The first one is the pasteurized line, with a shelf life of 2 years, thanks to which fish products today can be found both in the refrigerated area and on ambient shelves. The second one is the fresh line that, with ist winning packaging in trays, has successfully established itself on extra European markets such as United Arab Emirates, Australia and USA. The company is recognized by the brands “Borrelli Mare” and “Dalla terra di Re Manfredi”, by which are distinguished the specialties that refer to our historical references but also the novelties that we constantly introduce in our range of products. Fundamental is the sophisticated synthesis between local identity and product characteristics.